Fun Projects, Fond Memories

Aug 29, 2011 by

I can vividly remember walking through the Five and Dime in Petersburg, WV with my Mother.  It was a place filled with high aisles...

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Another Tragedy

Sep 25, 2010 by

Readers, I am sad to report another tragedy for my family.  My Grandfather is extremely sick, and the outlook isn’t good....

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A Toast to Each Day.

Mar 16, 2010 by

Dear Readers, Thank you for your patience.  I am officially starting my blog back as of today.  Many of you may know that my Father,...

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A Large Thank You For Small De...

Oct 18, 2009 by

I was let go from my job last week.  And while I had been seeking a new job anyway the whole situation has been a mixed bag,...

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