Empty The Cupboards

Aug 3, 2018 by

Empty The Cupboards

Well my loyal friends, the friends who have subscribed to my blog despite me only putting out posts every couple years, big new update- we bought a townhouse. Super excited, and the kitchen has a hood and we can have a grill, craziness. But this came with a problem for ethos of hating waste, and not wanting to pack up every little thing in the kitchen.

So I have been baking like mad.

I have made THESE giant sixlet cookies (note these aren’t the prettiest cookies, but very tasty).
I have made strawberry cupcakes from a store bought mix, with THIS frosting.
I have made a mix from Monticello (the place, you know, Jefferson’s home) of lavender, lemon scones.
I have made Paul Hollywood’s ciabatta. (Conversions and all)
I made THESE coconut, pecan cookies.
I attempted hot dog and hamburger buns, but I am not linking as I am not sure I love that recipe. I will try out a new one.
I made waffles from the mini-waffle maker recipe book.
THESE delicious garlic knots (although I might add more garlic next time).
And I made flatbread from HERE.

You know what this has taught me?
The same thing I have known for years, baking isn’t hard, it’s about pulling up the recipe and making the thing, seeing how it goes, making it a little better the next time.  Most of these recipes took less than 2 hours, some were super quick like 30 minutes quick, I made them along with dinner- oh yeah, I made dinner too, #emptythecupboards is for all my cupboards.  So, if a girl with a full time job, gym schedule and dog to walk can make it work.  Take the chance, bake the things. Your co-workers will eat all the leftovers.

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