Food 52 and Famous Banana Cake

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Food 52 and Famous Banana Cake

A small introduction to if you haven’t found it already.  It’s a great sight to find and manage recipes.  Here is my profile with some of my favorites  I recently made the Banana Cake with Penuche frosting in my collection, it was a great cake, especially good with a cup of coffee or glass of milk.  It was a big hit not only at home, but at my super competitive family reunion.  It might turn into MY cake.  My Mom’s cake is a homemade three layer German Chocolate, but this may be mine.  They also have my standby foccacia bread recipe, that is so simple to whip up. Lovely salads that feature radishes, roasted squash or other vegetables.  So many of the recipes are so creative and a little different than those other sites.

They also have a great provisions section with neat items.  My Mom loves these Bergamot scented cleaning products.


They have sauces, pickled items, jams, jerkies, the list of cool products goes on and on.  If someone wants to buy me these soda syrups the lavender one is soooo me!

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They have great articles on seasonal ingredients like apples and heirloom tomatoes, butternut squash or this pumpkin cake.  How To and DIY like checking the accuracy of your kitchen thermometer, How to reheat pizza at home, or get ready for Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend now with Proper Scottish Shortbread.  All in all, it’s a great site.  I kind of love it.  It’s a great resource for a gourmet.

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