Rose’s Luxury Rooftop

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Rose’s Luxury Rooftop

I had the privilege of being invited to join a group for the rooftop dinner at Rose’s Luxury.  It’s not easy for me to eat at a no-reservation establishment without some major planning.  The rooftop option, if you can get some friends willing to put down some dough on a dinner with you, and you have some lucky mouse clicking fingers can be a way to not only get a reservation at Rose’s Luxury, but also have one of the best meals I have had in a long time, especially in DC.  Probably the best since the Palena head to tail beef dinner I had a while back.

The rooftop is a stunning space with canopy top and plant boxes that really make it feel like a special place.  You have your own waiter and the experience is lovely.  The company was really nice and we never felt rushed through the meal or like we had to much or too little of anything.  The food we had was as follows:

Pretzel bread with sesame butter and honey.  This was very good- but I probably hungrily ate too much of it.

Oysters with ramp mignonette sauce and Jonah crab claws with a ramp dipping sauce.  Both of these were great, the oysters I thought were particularly fresh and really benefited from a pickled ramp mignonette.

Sourdough with ricotta, tarragon and a salad that I can’t remember completely.  Good, not the most memorable apparently.  AND popcorn soup with lobster.  For me this was the winning dish of the night, but I LOVE popcorn and I LOVE lobster.  It was like butter popcorn in liquid format with perfectly poached lobster.  The flavors really did it for me, although I know Pat thought it was a little salty.

Asparagus with chive oil, fresh and fried jalapeños and pineapple.  This was refreshing and wonderful.  It is one of the few dishes I could even try to recreate, and I might try it, the flavor combo was great.  Pork and lychee soup with red onion and peanuts.  This was another great dish with really interesting flavor combinations that went really well together.

Gnocchi.  This was darned good gnocchi (although Palena Back Room RIP once made better that I recall), soft and pillowy just as it should be.  I would have eaten more of this if I had room at that point.  Pasta I think maybe a linguine with garlic butter, parmesan crumbs, snails and ramps.  This wasn’t my favorite dish, but I know others liked it.  I liked the snails, I think maybe it was the crumbs with the pasta or being right with the gnocchi that I really liked, it just wasn’t my favorite.

Sesame honey fried chicken with hot sauce.  This was darned good fried chicken, a little sweet so you needed the hot sauce, but perfectly juicy and awesome.  Glad I have some of this leftover.  Steak with fries and a wine sauce.  This was a huge piece of meat, not sure the cut but it was excellent, the sauce was there but didn’t mask any beef flavor and the fries with all that juice were so crisp, but awesome.  This was really stunning.  Wedge salad- it was there.  I am enjoying it more as leftovers.  And a lovely Carolina Gold rice dish that was so comforting and lovely.

Stratichella Gelato with macerated strawberries and chocolate crisp (gf) I think the crisps were made with almond flour they seemed macaron like to me.  The strawberries were perfection.  The dish was almost too much.  The strawberries were so good I would have been happy with a very plain fresh taste with them.  They really stole the dish.  There was also a marscapone dish with pear puree, celery root puree and buttered walnut crumbs.  It was ok, but not my favorite.  Also I was pretty full at this point.  I almost think the marscapone and strawberries would have been a really good combo. This is a dish they seem to be working on.

Lastly chocolate spoons and oranges.  The food in all was comforting food while being complex and innovative.  I felt it was really worth the price tag as an experience.


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