Naptown Chic

Jun 21, 2013 by

Naptown Chic

Upon my Momma moving to Annapolis I jumped headfirst into a world of boating prepsters.  I bought Sperry’s, JCrew and Gap.  I mastered the khakis and navy combination.  I worked on my casual chic look.  Upon moving to Arlington and becoming a lawyer my wardrobe changed dramatically.  But then Summer hits, invitations to go sailing with my friends or hang out at the pool come in and I get to break back into that casual chic world.  Given how hot it is in the Summer, I try to maximize the use of Naptown Prepster looks to every extent possible being a serious litigator and all.  Funny enough it took a trip to London for me to find my new favorite casual chic brand, which is good since I really miss me some Martin+Osa (RIP) and one can only own so much Madewell.


Joules is one of my favorite new brands for casual clothing.  They have some pieces that I can dress up, but then they have the perfect pieces to wear to a weekend bbq or out on a boat.  I love the sporting flare- the nod to nautical and equestrian.     Good news, they now ship to the USA!! Yay (as Hubby silently shakes head)!  I have already worn the above “tunic” as a dress and it is super cute, especially with some colorful baubles.  On sale now For $59, free shipping on order over $150.  I love the sweatshirt below pictured in white and navy, I have it in sea blue, it’s the perfect sweatshirt for looking nautical preppy and being completely outdoorsy comfortable and functional (it’s cotton it has multiple pockets and it’s a sweatshirt). $98


I also am a big fan of the throw on dress, and this is a really great throw on dress, wear it with a jean jacket, or with cute jewelry and flats, or all of the above.  It is just effortlessly chic again while being ridiculously comfortable and machine washable. $98



Then they have things I could totally jazz up and wear to work, like the super cute printed flower skirt also on sale for $59, and really cute shoes and accessories.  Total find for someone who hates to get caught not looking cute even in the harshest of casual or outdoorsy situations.  The perfect blend of nautical cool for my Naptown preppy vibe.  And because it’s a British brand that is just shipping to the USA there won’t be as many people who have your look, as some other choices, even Naptown Prepsters gotta try to be unique.


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