OMFG, the best bathing suit ever.

Jun 19, 2013 by

OMFG, the best bathing suit ever.

The Momma and I took a road trip in which you will hear more about later.  But the first and most important post to come out of this trip is the amazing store we found making and selling bathings suits.  We just happened to be driving through Conway, South Carolina (near Myrtle Beach) and saw the Tina Grinna Swimwear Outlet just sitting there on the side of the road.  Curious as we were on the way to the beach, we turned around and pulled in the parking lot.  It wasn’t open for thirty minutes, but we could tell the bathing suits were amazing, just by what was in the window.  So we got some lunch nearby and came back.


We learned it was a family owned and operated company with all the bathing suits being made right here in the good ole USA, how cool is that.


The selection of patterns and colors of bathing suits found here is just immense, and they have really cool patterned fabric that you don’t see anywhere else.  They also had a variety of different types of tops and bottoms in each color that perfectly suited women of all shapes and sizes.  They had multiple types of high waisted bottoms, multiple types of low waisted bottoms, and all the in between.  They had vintage style one pieces, modern one pieces, tankinis, tube top styles.  They had tops from A cups to sizes that I could probably fit my entire head in a single cup that I have never seen available in a store.  I bought the below top with three different styles of bottoms- low rise bikini with gold accents, high rise, and vintage style skirt (not these new fangled ugly skirt inventions think something that would be at Weeki Wachee).  And the bathing suits were really comfortable, as well.  Ladies, you know that just doesn’t happen easily.


I literally spent hours in this store, which is immense, it was so cool.  I am really surprised that I haven’t seen this brand anywhere before, as I love a good bathing suit.  They have locations in Wilmington, NC, Myrtle Beach and Estero, Fl.  I have vintage bathing suits I have stolen from my Mother and tailored.  I have Diane Von Furstenburg bathing suits.  I was even eyeing up Missoni and La Perla bathing suits in London, which I am now glad I passed on!  And the sales women in the shop were really helpful making sure you had the right cuts and sizes to fit you.  They do have online shopping, the downfall is the online pictures just don’t do them justice at all and the selection is a small fraction of what is in the store.  The above suit which I have with an amazing pattern looks pretty bland online.  But once you know what cuts and sizes you wear I think it would be super easy then to shop online for another suit from here and it looks like they are expanding the online store.


Inside the shop you could hear other women shopping that had been there before bringing newcomers who were just ewwing and awwing, going on and on about how these were their all time favorite bathing suits. I can see why.  Unlike most bathing suit lines they weren’t targeting adolescents, or women with curves, or…   they made suits for all shapes and sizes, and really cool ones at that.  Mom and I agreed, this may be the fashion find of the decade for us.  Because if you can look and feel good in a bathing suit, well then the world is yours honey.

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  1. Nancy Gerson

    I am a senior citizen who looks relatively young–who likes a one piece bathing suit with a skirt that IS NOT UGLY. Why just because I wear a size 12 or 14 and want a skirted (not tankini crap)suit do they look like Aunt Lizzie’s drapery patterns of ages ago? Also, best suit I ever had was cotton with lycra…dried fast, comfortable…can I find a cotton suit. Been looking for years. I’ll wear the ugly suit again this year.

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