Forays in Reupholstery

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Forays in Reupholstery

Oh Readers,

It all started while walking through Chartreuse & Co with a friend looking for some furniture.  We happened upon this chair- it was big and comfy and a very economical price.  The downside was that the paint on it was horrendous, and the fabric was dirty and stained.  But, can’t you just see the potential?  Maria happened to need a chair and had the perfect spot for it.


So I did what any girl would do, I called my Mother for advice and texted her pictures.   No problem.  A few weeks later, a couple stops at G Street Fabrics and Calico Corners to find the perfect fabric.  A trip to Michael’s for spray adhesive and batting.  Maria picked out the perfect paint.   Then my Mom and I headed over for some sanding.  We sanded down the chair in preparation for paint, then wiped it clean.  She picked a really pretty green chalk paint.  A few coats, bottles of wine, later and stage one is complete.  While we were gone, she applied a wax finish to smooth and shine the look.



The next stage was the complicated one.  We ripped apart the old cushion covers to make patters for the new ones.  We laid out the fabric to find how to most judiciously cut the patterns while making sure the fabric would run the right way in all the cushions and on the chair.  Maria and Mom cut the patterns and Mom began sewing them together.


We spray adhered some batting to the bottom of the chair where it wasn’t even.  We then pinned the fabric to the bottom portion and began a slow process of cutting the fabric pinning it in place. Note the Momma in the background still diligently sewing (don’t worry she was compensated with homemade boar ragu pasta and wine).



Then stapling it with the fancy new staple gun Hubby got me, available on Amazon or at Home Depot.   The end was punching in any nails that weren’t flush then hot gluing the trim around the bottom.

IMG_0801Last and finally we added cushions and carried it upstairs.  It is an amazing chair, and considering what new upholstered chairs of this size sell for, I think it was a great deal.  Although my whole body was sore the next day from bending, crouching and stapling.

IMG_0804Sometimes hard work can be so much fun, and in this case really rewarding.  I had so much fun with my Mom and Maria seeing it from start to finish.  But it really makes me think I need to learn how to use a sewing machine.  My Mother has years of experience and it’s just a really good experience to have for when you want to do a project.  It’s ok, I at least have our electric sander and staple gun mastered.

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