Feast your eyes on… art.

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Feast your eyes on… art.

I have this spot in my house where I need, not just a piece of art, but the perfect piece of art.  I have been looking at art for months.  I have some artists that I have been keeping an eye on and then I have been perusing OneKingsLane.com like nobody’s business.  The problem is complicated- I want a real piece of art, grown up, not a print art.  Hubby and I also have very different and distinctive taste.  Also right now the room is in a bit of a transition in terms of colors and fabrics.  And it has to fit the budget.  It has to be just right.  I have looked at a piece of art that just isn’t right for over seven years, the new needs to be something that I can stare at for years and be happy with it.  So I just wanted to highlight some cool pieces I have found in the process.

First up Georgia Nassikas: A local Virginia artist who does just beautiful work.  I love the abstract subject and the beautiful colors.  See a sample below.  Check out her website here.



Isn’t her work just stunning?  It has a depth of emotion and color.

Another artist I have been really enjoying the work of recently is Robert Yonke.  He is an artist who has one studio in Pittsburgh and one in my home county of Garrett County.  He has beautiful watercolors that remind me of the very best parts of home.  He can just express the heart and feel of Appalachia through his art.  Website here.  It breaks my heart that this beautiful one, that just takes me right to Swallow Falls State Park is sold, but he has so many more that are just beautiful.


I am also a really big Charley Harper fan.  I already own one of his prints.  I love the combination of modern and clean lines and playful subjects.  It has a whimsical nature to it, that I think pairs well with our personalities.


OneKingsLane.com always has a great selection of really great art, with a range of affordability and styles, many from different galleries across the country, modern to classical, watercolors and oils.  Here is a current painting I think just has a lightness and happiness to it.


So just some art to think upon…. Isn’t are just a wonderful thing.  Color that makes you feel an emotion, a feeling, a memory.  I was so lucky to grow up in a family that really appreciates art, and married into a family  that is even more intertwined in the art world, with a great appreciation of art and what it means.  If you have any favorites, as I said I have an ongoing search for perfection and would love your finds.

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