RIS: A Review

Oct 17, 2012 by

RIS: A Review

I got an email from Suz, “Julie is coming into town, can you do dinner on October 15?”  Well when one of your very favorite people flies in from London for one night, it’s go time.  A long time ago a promise was made that we would go to dinner to celebrate my wedding.  Well I have been married for a bit now, Suz is now married and has a very handsome one year old son, but it’s never to early or late to celebrate anything and everything, especially amongst good company.

The next question was where to go.  Originally we were going to go to Citronelle, but they are still closed for repairs from flooding damage, so with a bevy of options we settled on RIS, and that was such a good decision.

So on a rainy Monday night I made my way into 23rd and L St.  Pulling up at the valet I had a problem that my husband and friends will tell you is quite common- I forgot I had no cash.  Now I have been trying to be better about this than I once was, but Autumn Glory had emptied me of my normal supply.  It was raining and the valet told me not to worry I could pay them on the way out.  So nice and gracious.  I went and grabbed cash at a nearby ATM, and had a glass of Jefferson Chardonnay at the bar while waiting for my friends to arrive in all the traffic, rain and accidents.  The host was so nice and just a real pleasure to be around, so accommodating.

Suz brought our handsome date, who was so good the whole time we were at the restaurant.  The host sat us at the big booth so that he had some room to play and be quietly entertained and we could enjoy our meal.  We ordered a bottle of red wine, a Syrah that the waiter assured me was an easy drinking wine, and it was.  I had the “margarita” to start- scallops, avocado  lime ice, all together in a cocktail glass.  It was a really interesting dish.  I love the tartness and tiny bit of sweetness from the lime ice and thought it was very ceviche like with a bit of creativity.  For an entree I had the swordfish with white beans, tomato and olives.  A really simple dish that was executed really well.  Suz and Julie ordered the meatloaf and I know it was good as the babe was really happy to steal some bites of it.  For dessert we split a cookie plate that was just the right amount of sweet for us without being too much.

We had multiple people come and compliment the babe on his good manners, the hostess even took a turn bouncing him around on her hip.  The gentlemen in the table across from us made some funny faces for him.  It was just so nice to have so many people welcome him so warmly and let us have a really nice dinner together.  The graciousness of all the staff made such a good impression on me that I really can’t wait to go back.  With so many restaurants just lacking a bit of warmth in their service in the DC area, this was just so welcome.

(Photos courtesy of their website)

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