Sou’Wester Backyard BBQ

May 24, 2012 by

Sou’Wester Backyard BBQ

Ok, so the part of condo life where don’t get to grill admittedly makes me crave just about anything grilled.  Any friend having a grill out and I am so there.  But picture having a backyard grill out where your friends are Eric Ziebold, Matthew Peterson and Eddie Moran. Yeah, that is bliss.  There was also an insane deal on bottles of wine that they were culling from their cellars, but it in no way detracted from me remembering the details of this meal.  What I keep thinking about Sou’Wester is that it reminds me of the top restaurants in Charleston, SC the way it presents Southern food.  It is really the place right now for modern, inventive Southern in DC.  That I have to give credit to Eddie Moran for who worked in Charleston before thankfully being woed away, so that a girl could get some real Southern food. Hubby had to bite the bullet for me and order everything I didn’t, but I think we all fared very well.  Starters were potted ham that you would think would be salty and fine, but whatever.  While in fact the flavors were so well balanced that we were scooping every little last bit of potted ham out of the little glass container, in a very polite fashion.  The balance with the pickled vegetables and hard boiled egg was just a phenomenal little snack. I had the grilled Caesar that was just as spectacular with great acidity and complexity of flavor, it was a dressing that popped and made you want to eat all your veggies.  It was garlicly in all the right ways while being creamy and smooth.  The crunch of the crositini just balanced the softness of the dish. For entrees Hubby had the cornish hen with an extremely good lemon marinade and marmalade that made a hen special.  How do these guys keep doing this?  Ordinary items that are just done in a way that you think, “Really I should have ordered the chicken?”  I think it is currently on their menu as chicken under  a brick I believe.  I had a great blackened redfish with grits, shrimp and a spicy shrimp emulsion sauce.  Man this fish kicked my butt in a good way.  It had some great spice.  But the grits brought it back down. For desert there was strawberry shortcake or “smores” both really stellar modern versions of classics, that unlike most modern takes on dessert didn’t leave you going, “But I wanted the real thing and that was nothing like it.”  Here it was a shortcake or smore, but sophisticated.  Matthew Peterson you just make ordinary things amazing, like the graham cracker cake, that tasted just like graham crackers. The whole event left me thinking that the Sou’Wester patio might be one of the best kept secrets in Washington, I mean hushpuppies out on a nice patio in DC, mahvelous.  And that I need to get on the special events list for Sou’Wester and CityZen.  Thanks to for putting me in the know on where to be, this was someplace I needed to be.

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