Wedding Wednesday- The Gift Issue

May 23, 2012 by

Wedding Wednesday- The Gift Issue

I have a wedding coming up.  Oh you know who you are.  They are a lovely couple.  They have graciously said on their invitations that they do not want any gifts.  While I really appreciate the fact that they are not asking for gifts, for anyone who doesn’t know, this is just a suggestion.   You can get the couple a gift, it’s just more at your discretion.  They asked in lieu for donations be made to a charity.  In this case I think it’s best to do both.  Now you don’t have to do this, you could make a larger donation to the charity, or do nothing at all.  But I personally think I need to give them something- it’s a Southern girl thing.

For weddings like this though, I highly suggest a gift card to somewhere that the couple could get a variety of things from needed to not needed.  Some place like Macy’s, Bed Bath &Beyond or Crate and Barrel is always nice so the couple could put it towards furniture, cookware, glassware, linens or other things they may need or want.  They can keep it to save up for something needed, or use it over time to get little things they may need.  We did Crate and Barrel as they are a fun, modern couple who I think would appreciate that.  It’s a delicate situation, but one in which you should do what personally feels good to you.  For me, weddings are such a time of celebration, celebration of seeing friends and loved ones and knowing that I am giving a couple a little something they can use in their future to have other good times always makes me happy.

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