New Cookware Coming to My Door

Feb 18, 2012 by

New Cookware Coming to My Door

I love me some food gadgets and cookware.  I don’t need many of them because basically I am a home cook that barely has enough time between work and other obligations to cook dinner most nights and throw some parties when I can.  AND the two bedroom condo with limited cabinetry really keeps me in check.  If I had a kitchen the size of my Mother in Laws, oh man, I’d go nuts.  I would have so many awesome wonders of food geekery.

BUT today I did buy some new things to make life a little better in the kitchen from a very reliable source I have touted in the past Cutlery and More.  First up was the isi Stainless Steel Creative Whip, for whip cream, mousse, foam, sauces and other fun projects.  I am especially interested in recreating some Ferran Adria recipes from his cookbook The Family Meal (which is a spectacular cookbook).  For the small price difference I went with the 1 pint.  I really can’t wait for this to arrive!  And of all the whip makers I could find in the usual places this was the best deal I found at $93.95.

 I got the Calaphon Unison Slide Nonstick Skillet set for $59.95, 8 and 10 inch respectively.  These will replace my well worn skillets that have fared well, but are now not meeting the challenges put in front of them.  Reviews on these have said they are very sturdy and reliable which is good, they will be worn hard in this house.

A while back the lid to our steamer pot broke, when thinking about replacing it, I decided instead to get this silicone steamer insert.  There was also a metal oxo good grips brand one, and although that brand normally has excellent gadgets, the silicone won’t scratch my pans, is adjustable and should be very durable, all at $10.95, and it should take up very little room in my pantry and is cheaper than lid or pot replacement.  Next up was a sturdy bread knife.  I have a beautiful one from Simon Pierce, but it is a bit complicated and our relationship just hasn’t gelled.  It isn’t your normal knife and is just a bit funky.  So I ordered a simple but durable Henkel’s Gourmet Bread Knife, I could probably have found something cheaper, but at $24.95 it isn’t too expensive and should be really durable.

And any order over $49 gets free UPS Ground Shipping, so… it should all arrive within 2-5 business days.  I am very excited!  I can’t wait to make lots of desserts, with my whipper, from The Family Meal and test them out on Hubby for a future party!

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