Atlanta Report

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Atlanta Report

Hubby and I went with his family to the Chic-fil-a Bowl in Atlanta to support UVA.  It was my first time in Atlanta, but Hubby grew up there.  It was a fun filled trip with a lot of fun things to do and good places to shop and eat.

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We stayed at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.  Although it is a new hotel, and they need to figure some things out- towels in the pool area, more items in the gift shop (like a brush), etc.  Generally it was a really nice hotel, well appointed rooms with a nice size pool and whirlpool and fitness center.  It had a central location that you could walk during the day down to some of the main attractions.  Within about two blocks were a Starbucks, restaurants, CVS, nail salon and other essentials.

When we got in I was hungry, hungry.  Luckily right around the corner was Tin Drum Asia Cafe.  A fast food style American Asian style eatery, with fantastic things like spicy spaghetti, noodles with a great broth, peppers and chicken, or mango chicken in a faux General TSO style.  Everything was really good, I wish there was one of these in this area (like right here in Arlington, hint, hint).  Everything was fresh, crispy and had great flavor.

Next up was the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola.  The Aquarium was really cool; however, I think I have seen so many aquariums I have a pretty high bar.  It was met by the beautiful and huge whale sharks drifting above your head.  It was amazing to see that large of a tank with these beautiful creatures along with mantas, sharks and other fish.  The World of Coca-Cola was another winner.  I loved the vintage Coke, the pop culture Coke, the folk art and all the international coke products that you get to taste!  I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the World of Coke!

That night we had dinner at Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South.  This was a delectible.  A great mix of contemporary Southern food, with fun, interesting ingredients making it new.  The space was buzzing with energy, but was large, open and spacious.

The nest day we had a trip to the High Art Museum.  This is a nicely curated collection laid out in a way that makes it more walkable and seeable then other big art museums.  They also had a lot of fun exhibits that really made you enjoy the whole trip.  The special exhibits were very unique, there was an exhibit of work by Grainger McKoy that I adored, wooden carvings that were stunning, but very natural.

We had a nice lunch closeby at Table 1280.  The bread from Bakeshop was delectable.  The Cuban was a little rich, but the Warm Green Salad was an exciting and flavorful salad, and the chicken salad looked amazing.  That afternoon I got in a good workout at the pool, then it was off to dinner with the in-laws.

The next day we drove around my Hubby’s old neighborhood and had lunch at his favorite BBQ joint, Slopes.  It was just so good, smokey, flavorful meat with awesome sauce.  And the sides weren’t an afterthought.  It was real, deal BBQ.  We shopped at Lenox Square- which is sort of like Tyson’s but better.  Then it was off to the bowl!

The next day Hubby and I ventured to Phipp’s Plaza for a bit more shopping (the Tyson’s II of Atlanta).  That evening before we came home we went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Garden Lights exhibit, the whole of the gardens outdoor and indoor was decked out with interesting festive lights, with a train exhibit and lights that danced to music.  It was so much fun, the gardens themselves are so well done, it was a great stop.

Last but not least we had a quick dinner at Cypress Street Pint and Plate.  A great bar, with good food.  The soft pretzels were really good, as were the meatball sliders.  This was bar food done right, satisfying, but in a new way, an interesting way.


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