Sou’Wester Brunch

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Sou’Wester Brunch

We wanted some brunch Sunday around lunchtime before we met up with some people at the Museum of National History.  Driving around Penn Quarter not finding a parking spot, a realization came to my mind, Sou’Wester was actually very close to the Museum and would have good brunch and we would be able to find a parking spot in that area.

We easily found parking and wandered in out of the cold.  The room so light and airy, live jazz being played it was a perfect way to wake up to the day after a night of drinking.  I ordered the “Snout to Tail” pork shoat, greens and pork jus with a side of potatoes.  Hubby had the Croque.  Looking around the room though ordering was  a hard decision.  The bread basket had their normal cornbread and rolls, which are really good, sweet cornbread muffins, just small enough to be addictive and big enough to satisfy your craving for something sweet.  And rolls I should have saved to soak up my pork jus!

The food came out, I loved the balance of mine, crispy and tender with nicely cooked greens.  Hubby enjoyed his too.  The potatoes were a tad oily, but had a good flavor.  All in all it was a really nice brunch.  Service was a bit slow, but we were pretty slow at that point so it was fine.  And the food more than made up for it.

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