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I have run into a lot of friends that like me after their wedding gained some weight.  They like me, looked fine, but longed to be in better shape.  We are all professionals with busy lives, obligations and lots of plans to juggle.  Sometimes the gym is just the luxury that when push comes to shove gets dropped off your daily calendar.  And while a wedding is fantastic motivation, daily life often is not.

But, for me, the benefits of working out are absolutely crucial.  For one it is one of the few ways I can mentally break from my work and transition into home life.  It makes me feel good generally and about myself.  It relieves stress.  And obviously it is good for me physically, as well.  It has also aided me in dealing with all my stomach issues.

On recommendation of two of my friends I started going to crossfit at Trident Crossfit in Alexandria.  I was so intimidated by the in shape girls, the big guys lifting big weights, and the whole military style workout setting.  BUT I soon learned to love it.  I don’t have to make one class time per day on a certain week, they teach the same class all day, and if you miss a day just come the next.  They scale the work out to your ability and there is a great mix of cardio and weight lifting.  I love the trainers, they push me and support me.  And you get to know the other people at the gym, there is always a really positive vibe.

It is a bit pricier than a normal gym membership, but for me the benefits of having someone there watching my form, pushing me harder is worth it.  Thinking of my monthly expenses the one that keeps me physically and mentally healthy is a priority.  So if you are out there looking for a gym, a solution and are a bit scared or intimidated, give it a try.  You might get hooked just like me.

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