Fine Jewelry to Covet: Blanca Monros Gomez

Oct 5, 2011 by

Fine Jewelry to Covet: Blanca Monros Gomez

I have had my eye on the talented designer and metalsmith that is Blanca Monros Gomez since she had a small etsy shop.  Now looking at her beautiful website with composed collections I am more deeply in love with her designs than ever.  In college I took metal smithing and jewelry making classes, so I have a very deep appreciation for hand crafted items.  I can see the work and talent put into the pieces.  I also love having truly unique and interesting items as part of my jewelry collection.  I think people notice how neat hand crafted items are, even if they don’t know why they find them so appealing to the eye.

What I think I like about her designs so much are that they are organic and while well made and not simple, they have an easy-ness to them that I find really appeals to my sense of style.  So readers here is what I am currently drooling over:

There is also a gorgeous necklace that matches the flower pieces above, that I couldn’t find a postable image of.  I really love her stacking rings, I have really wanted stacking rings, but I want a unique design that isn’t something just anyone would wear and I think these definitely fit that bill.


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