Lovely Things from Virginia: The Bumble Bee Studio

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Lovely Things from Virginia: The Bumble Bee Studio

The other weekend I was at the Ballston Arts and Crafts Market.  I visited a favorite Etsy shop of mine, which happened to be at the market.  The Bumble Bee Studio, with owner, designer, and goody maker Julie Diers- which specializes in body care products for man, woman and pup.  Her shop even at a street market is set up so beautifully.

I just love her products they use fruit and plant oils, butters and natural botanicals, which means they are great for all skin types.  And they smell like real plants, not something artificial or over the top.  And they fit in well with my lavender obsession.  This weekend I purchased the Lavender Lotion Bar, Laevender and Eucalyptus Body Butter and the Salt Scrub.  I had the best intentions of giving at least one of those items as a gift, but that didn’t work out.

I do crossfit, and I garden, and cook to the point where I really wreck my hands quite frequently; the Lavender Lotion Bar provides deep moisture to restore even the tough areas like hands, feet, elbows and knees.  But it is light enough that you can use it on your legs and arms too.  It isn’t messy and it is really easy to apply.  The fragrance is just phenomenal and just makes me think I am running my hands through my lavender bush.

But the Body Butter, which is more like a really hydrating lotion is what I use more day to day, after a shower, type of thing.  Again- phenomenal scent.  And it keeps my skin hydrated, even with this weird weather, for a whole day.  When we stayed out at the Royal Palms in Phoenix there was Eucalyptus all around, and this smells just like that memory.

The real coup d’etat is the salt scrub.  This has been featured in Allure magazine, even.  It really makes your skin smooth, without then covering it in too much oil which would make you break out.  It is easy to use and apply.  It is a really well made product that I like so much more than anything you can get in a drugstore or body product shop.  All the products are really nicely packaged and made by hand with care.  And they make great gifts- if you can bear to give them away.

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