Eating Around: Le Bledo Bakery

Aug 30, 2011 by

I ended up at the Vietnamese Bakery Le Bledo Bakery, in Springfield, after hearing some promising leads online about their food and missing a lunch there I wanted to attend.  My expectations were pleasantly met.

The first good sign was that I actually found the place without getting lost.  I frequently get lost in Springfield, as there is just stuff all over the place.  Walking in there was a small buffett and tables on the left.  There was also a small menu on the wall of noodle soups available.  I got a beef noodle soup and one of the very pleasant staff asked me if I wanted the one similar to Pho.  As I was wearing a white shirt, I thought clear broth over red probably a good idea.  The noodles were thin rice noodles and there were some slices of brisket and some meatballs and scallions in what was a very nice complex broth.  All the normal Pho accompaniments alongside.  As there were torrential downpours outside, it felt quite nice to sit inside watching the rain slurping noodles.

I also ordered a bahn mi to go.  It had a mix with sausage, pate and a few other cured meats.  The bread was soft, warm and crusty, the condiments were very spicy, but had a little sweetness.  There was a good balance of meat, bread, condiments.

The bakery has to go plates of rolls and other Vietnamese dishes for carry out and more can be ordered.  There were all sorts of pastries.  I bought some peanut cookies and pastries with a cashew filling.  They seemed to have some pastries that seem a bit more Chinese to me, as well, but I am not good with those sorts of differentiation at this point, especially with the French influence.  There were also a variety of steamed buns.  There were candies and other sweets and cakes.  The people coming in and out for bags of sandwiches was promising.  This is a neat little spot well worth exploring.  I can’t wait to take Hubby there at some point.

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