Fun Projects, Fond Memories

Aug 29, 2011 by

Fun Projects, Fond Memories

I can vividly remember walking through the Five and Dime in Petersburg, WV with my Mother.  It was a place filled with high aisles and higher possibilities.   And the Five and Dime had these neat craft kits with patterns and lists of what you needed for the project to make the end goal a little more obtainable in a day or so.  One of my very fond memories was making these felt and button santas with my Mother.  I still have one, although the arm is falling off a bit and it needs repaired.  They were really cute! Although I am an atrocious sewer, somehow, they turned out alright, probably due to my Mother’s magical touch with crafts. I loved craft projects with Mother, in fact I still do.

I happened upon these fantastic kits from The Cheswick Company and I immediately thought about our santas.  These are really neat kits and the end products are so cute.  These would make a great project with someone you enjoy spending time with.  Or a great homemade gift for someone worth some effort.  They have holiday themes, or themes from novels, or just cute little characters from nowhere in particular.


And last but not least, this adorable little monkey:

With the weather cooling down I am thinking how fun these could be for a weekend project.

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