Katelin Taylor Approved iPad Cases

Jul 5, 2011 by

Katelin Taylor Approved iPad Cases

So I have been struggling to find a good iPad case that was thin, looked professional, but was still stylish.  I really liked my husband’s DoDo Case, and I love their story, but I didn’t want it in black. I know that seems odd, since I really like black, but it just wasn’t the look I was going for.


If I didn’t already acquire an iPad wireless keyboard then I would definitely get this Zagg case, a combined case, dock, keyboard, which I really like.  I am not very good at typing on the iPad, so when I do a lot of work, I really need it.

I searched all over Etsy and didn’t see anything I liked.  I wanted more than a sleeve, didn’t want it to be bulky and wanted something book style.  Finally I came across M-Edge Accessories Go Jacket, which fit my needs perfectly. I got the brown letter, which is professional and nonchalant enough to use for work, makes it look a lot like a book when sitting on the coffee table, but gave it good protection while being very thin.  It will also now stand either horizontally or vertically.   They had a lot of thin, leather cases, some with pockets, some without, some that are also stands, etc. etc.  And they had some cool colors, but done in a modern, tasteful way, with no tacky logos on the outside.  But now I am rethinking the silver crackle leather color, too.  If they did the gold crackle it would be all over, I LOVE the gold crackle.

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