Main Street Market, Charlottesville

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Main Street Market, Charlottesville

This past weekend we had a nice diversion to the Main Street Market in Charlottesville.  This is a nice collection of shops and restaurants that are a lot of fun to wander, especially on a rainy day!

We started with lunch at Orzo Kitchen and Wine Bar.  This is a casual destination with small plates, entrees and a great lunch menu.  It is a little dark inside, but the kitchen and staff definitely make you feel welcome and at home.  (My Mother in Law is such a Saint- every time I come down there my diet seems to be even more restricted as my doctor and dietician try to figure out my tummy problems.  Right now I am eating gluten and lactose free.  But note I can’t garauntee anything is completely gluten free as I am just intolerant and there could be possible cross contamination.)  Looking over the bar menu before we sat down I was really excited, not only did all the food look good, they had a lot of things that I could eat!  We sat down and I had a lovely bowl of tomato soup with lamb stock- it was warm and had an intense but fresh lamb taste and scent with great fresh tomato flavor.  I then had a wonderful salad with grilled vegetables, rotisserie chicken and a wonderful lemon vinaigrette.  I loved the roasted veggies, especially the green beans with the warm, juicy chicken.  Looking around Hubby was devouring his meatballs, and MIL’s chicken sandwich looked amazing on really great looking bread.

After lunch I wandered over to the Organic Butcher of Charlottesville.  This is a brother shop to the Organic Butcher of McLean.  Had we not been a day and a drive away from home, and the McLean location being so close, I would have taken home a lot of great items like: rabbit, country style sausage and some fantastic stocks.  If you haven’t checked these stores out it is worth a peruse.  Some things are a bit on the expensive side, but many are really reasonable.  And I really think if you care about where you meat comes from or how it is raised, what things the animals are given then it is really worth a stop.  And if you are trying to find more interesting items such as oxtail, but want better quality than you can get at the Asian grocery store this would be on the top of my list of places to call.

Hedge is a fantastic little shower shop with lots of different stems to choose from, with clean modern pairings.  I found it really tasteful and a nice place to stop in if you want to mix and match stems.  They have a network of local growers, but also get some exotics.  They also do floral delivery and arrangement design.  Click through to see their really awesome, modern, chic, but beautiful and romantic designs on their web site.  If you need flowers in C-ville, this is your place.

Also I had no idea there was a great little spot for some staple Japanese items, and a few Chinese items too at Seafood at West Main.  They also had some incredibly fresh fish and sushi grade fish, as well.  No fishy smell here, everything is super fresh and great looking.

We then wandered through Feast.  This is a great little gourmet grocery with a fantastic cheese and meat counter, sandwiches and lunch items perfect for a picnic through wine country.  It was so warm and inviting.  Hubby and I picked up some salami and pepperonis, pears and Easter candies!  But there is so much more there, dried fruits, nuts and really everything you could need for a day trip or great meal!

I skipped Ablemarle Bakery- no need to add insult to injury, but we did stop by Calvino Cafe for some coffee and tea on the way out!  Anyway great stop if you are in or around Charlottesville.  I can’t wait to go back!

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