Wedding Wednesday: Cake Toppers

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Wedding Wednesday: Cake Toppers

So… since we are only a couple months away from Wedding madness time, again, I thought I would put  a post out there on wedding cake toppers.  I have seen my fair share of cake toppers and they can range from odd, impersonal to just too girly/ glitzy for my taste.  I also really appreciate something personalized, but not a big initial.  As a modern woman, I am not necessarily celebrating getting a new name, although I have one, as much as I was celebrating a new family.  So I particularly like toppers that focus on the notion of a new couple and their interests.

Here are some places I have come across that I think are interesting:

Middleburg Folk Art Studio has things under the heading cake toppers and then other folk art items which would be perfect cake toppers.  So click through if you like the idea of Folk Art, there are faxes and all sorts of neat things.  Here is a Spring Easter themed one:


Next up is perhaps my favorite.  Star House.  They provide fully customizable cake toppers that are hipster cool while totally appropriate  and super cute.  The big plus is it is something that you might actually want on your shelf at home afterwards.  Star House will make you, your SO and even your pets.  I don’t have a cake to top at this point, but I still want them!



This next one is actually a fake cake, well two tears of it, but I think you could put this on top of a tear of just use the top part.  After living in Annapolis at one point, I can just see this on top of a clean white bottom tear of cake in one of those beautiful row houses in Old Town.  Made by Vintage MagPie.  And the bunting really reminds me of sailboat pennants.


If you are looking for vintage cake toppers then this next one is the one for you.  In many normal vintage toppers they are so-  brown hair, brown hair over the top cookie cutter- but these are so cool. I think they have such a fun idea to them, there are also shadow ones if you click into her site that are really neat too.  Amadalebel, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Last, but not least is Red Light Studio.  Now no assumptions because of the site name, it’s not like that.  Actually she creates completely custom full length or bust toppers, and makes birds and other animals too.  I think these would look great on top of a simple and modern cake.  As a note since she does completely custom work you have to order these out a bit.

Anyway hopefully this gives all of you some good resources.  I think Etsy may be the absolute best place to find a cake topper.  I haven’t found any other site or place that has this close to the selection and originality.

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