Mother Hubbard Dinner: Bacon and Peas

Apr 19, 2011 by

Once again I find myself heavy on cabinet selections, low on produce and quite oddly low on normal meats.  I have pork shoulder, a brined turkey breast, ham hock, but am missing some definite basics.  But luckily I had dried pasta (gluten free for me and normal for Hubby), frozen peas, apple maple chicken sausage, good bacon and thyme and rosemary.  Note this is not a healthy recipe, but it is a good recipe.  And if you eat what we eat most of the time you can splurge on this now and again.

As a tip Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta in the turquoise box is by far my favorite gluten free pasta.  I have also had the Schar fussili which isn’t bad, but Ancient Harvest is my favorite, especially for spaghetti.

So here is how it all went down:

Put pot of water on to boil.  The sauce will take you about 15 minutes so time dropping your pasta accordingly.

Rinse, pat dry and slice two chicken sausage links into rounds.

Cut about 2-3 strips (I think I used three mmm bacon) into about 1/4″ pieces.  Add to a medium to hot skillet/pot (you want the sides to be high enough to be able to make some sauce and toss in your pasta) and let cook.  About halfway through I added just a little bit of spring onion/leek from the garden this is optional.  It was less than 1/4 cup.

While that is working pull and tear some fresh rosemary and thyme from steams (you can also use about 1/2 tsp. dried).

Once the bacon is just crisping lower the heat on your skillet to about medium and add sausage for about 1 minute then add about 1/2 cup frozen peas, you can add more or less depending on the amount of bacon you added and your preference for peas.  Now let those cook till a tiny bit crispy and done, but your bacon shouldn’t get too crispy.  It is important to have good bacon for this as thin bacon is going to not taste as good.

Now that all that is done add about 2 Tbs. EVOO, butter and then about 1/2 cup white wine.  Thyme, rosemary and salt and pepper to taste.  Let the white wine reduce a little and taste, add more herbs, salt and pepper or butter or EVOO to get the sauce where you want it.  Then add your pasta and toss.  (We actually add the sauce to our different pasta pots and toss there so it incorporates into our pastas without contaminating my gf pasta.)  Voila.  Super quick and easy.  Hubby ate it up like I just made a five star dish.

Once again you get no pictures.  I really need to work on that.  But normally while I am cooking I don’t think about documenting my work.  I guess if I put my big camera up there it might promote that…

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