Hairy Situations

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Hairy Situations



If you know me then you know that my dog is absolutely spoiled rotten.  And living in Northern Virginia there are a lot of options for all your doggie needs.  But sometimes it is hard to find the best shops for different services.  In particular it took me a while to find a really good groomer for Max.  He is mostly Bichon and I wanted to find a groomer that could do a show cut, that didn’t have a waiting list and was convenient.

As I was picking up some cupcakes at Buzz Bakery on Slaters Lane in Alexandria I found Hairy Situations.  They have a window where you can see pets getting groomed and I noticed how nice the dog being groomed looked.  So I stopped in and found management exceedingly nice and helpful.

Their philosophy is on a gentle grooming process that puts your pets needs first.  You and your pet develop a relationship with the groomer and they take their time so your pet isn’t as nervous or stressed.  At my old groomer, Max would be nervous and happy to get the heck out of there, but when coming out of Hairy Situations he was calm and happy.  Being a Bichon he is very people oriented and doesn’t really like being left with strangers, but he was very good with the groomer.

Plus the end result is fantastic.  I would highly recommend them if you have a breed of dog that you want a specific or show cut for, or a breed that needs more intricate grooming.  They take care to make sure your dog looks really good.  And for once he came home with a bandana that was appropriate for a boy dog!  I was so surprised that not only was so the grooming so much better in quality, but the price was similar to most other inferior groomers.

When we came home Max was on top of the world because he knew he looked good and was getting all sorts of attention.  Look at my little guy as happy as a clam, and the pictures don’t even do him justice.


FYI- They also do teeth cleaning, and on their website they have a coupon for dog teeth cleaning during March.

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