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Forever Furbulous


I will confess that I baby my dog.  I know I do.  But people, really, I don’t have kids this is what happens. And he gets cold in the winter, he is a toy dog, it happens.  We normally put a sweater or jacket on him until his fur grows out a good bit and he is real shaggy, then we gauge how cold it is.  SOOO, noting that I baby my dog to no end and that he is the most tolerant dog of all time and it is almost his 1 year birthday it was time for the works.

I messaged the fantastic shop owner of Forever Furbulous, whose name also happens to be Katelyn (although mine is spelled differently) about making me a custom design.  I wanted a festive, but not girly green tartan jacket with matching bow tie for Mr. Max.  She quickly messaged me back and said it was no problem and she would send me pictures of fabric swatches.  She then set up a custom listing for me.  Well…………………….. I got the jacket and tie and they were fantastic!!!!!!  (Imagine me saying that line with the enthusiasm of Miss Piggy when she is excited.  Yep that is how excited about it I am.  Please note above were I admit I baby my dog way too much.)

They are really well made, the jacket has a nice fleece lining, excellent stitching with a collar and waist detail.  Both the tie and jacket are easy on, easy off with velcro, but won’t come off willy nilly (as the Puggle found out when trying to remove Max’s bow tie).  A really nice sturdy quality fabric.  Both items are really well made and the fabric has worn well and kept Max warm in the weather.

And the most important part, Max looks so good:

And he knows he looks good, doesn’t he?

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