China- not the Country (thanks Suz)

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China- not the Country (thanks Suz)

I just want to thank Suzanne for a quick note that China is a Country, not a City.  Writing after a long day has its perils, thanks Suz!

This week I am blogging about china.  I absolutely love my set of china, and it means the world to me that it was from gifts for our wedding.  To me it will always have significance as a celebration of our marriage and as the start of our family traditions together as a couple.  Many people get china from their wedding or from a family member, but what if you don’t?  Not to worry there are some good sources out there, so you can get some fabulous china as a celebration of whatever you would like to celebrate as soon as you get it and can eat on it!

First off scour large antique shops.  I really like the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia.  They have lots of china and depression glassware.  I have also had good luck at the Ivy Cottage in Wilmington, North Carolina.  But I see things all over the place when I am just wandering.  Recently I passed up an adorable glass set of dinnerware in Garrett County at Cabin Fever Antiques that I am a little upset that I didn’t buy.  It had lots of color and personality and was at a really good price point. There is another set online that I am deeply coveting, that I am not putting on here for fear you all will buy it before I can get approval (Honey, I will find  a place for it I promise!) .   But in our area you can even check out the consignment shop at Fort Meyer for some interesting finds from time to time.

Next up search the internet.  Ebay, Etsy and Replacements Ltd are all good places to check.  Start by browsing some manufacturers your like.  Lately I have been into Noritake.  And if the set isn’t complete, see if you can find replacements on Here are some finds I thought were cool:

This set of Turquoise Lifetime China really reminds me of the Greenbrier china and is in great condition.  $175 for a large amount of pieces.

And these Floral Napkin Rings are a bargain at $8.50, and are cute as can be.

Although $400 sounds steep, for this Noritake 59pc set it is a really good deal if you compare it to per piece costs. It will have all the pieces you want without having to buy additional pieces.  And it is beautiful, classic and in wonderful condition.

If you want something with clean lines that is also a bit more modern, check out this Mikasa set.

And then last but not least is this very fun 30 pc Set of WS George Shabby Floral China for a bargain price of $35.00.  I love how cute and fun this set is.

For me thinking about china reminds me of all the family dinners and special moments you spend together with family and friends. Not that anytime can’t be special regardless of dinnerware, but as a child I always remember how fun it was to eat off the fancy plates, it was a big deal, and I guess deep down to me it still is a big deal and I want to translate those feelings of happiness to all the people I get the privilege of having over for dinner.  Plus with Thanksgiving coming up, maybe you can con your way into being where people come for dinner, I mean you have the new china that needs to be used right?

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  1. Oooh, I definitely know who to consult when Benny and I finally dip into the china world.

    Incidentally, the eBay description on the Turquoise Lifetime China includes “there is … some light crazing on one or two pieces …” What is crazing? Will I go crazy if I eat from a crazed plate?

    😀 😀

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