Super Cute Etsy Dress

Oct 24, 2010 by

Super Cute Etsy Dress

While perusing Etsy for other goods, I found this super cute dress.  It just won’t fit me, by inches… BUT it may fit you and would be really nice.  Lots of color, but really classic lines, although it may need shortened.  I love it. $59 here.

And then I saw this dress, again inches too small (I am working on that but not fast enough to buy clothes in anticipation), but very me!  Classic looks with a punch of color.  My husband always wishes I would wear color.  If only these two dresses were my size!

I try to be very careful when buying vintage.  It has to be impeccable and absolutely me.  These are both in great quality, with timeless style and nice looking fit.

One last pick:

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