Wedding Wednesday: Cake Toppers

Sep 29, 2010 by

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Toppers

Peeps, as I get ready to attend my seventh wedding of this year, with some already scheduled for next year, I have had some thoughts.  Particularly about wedding cake toppers.  It seems like there aren’t a lot of good options out there; yet, a quick search on Etsy yields a lot of promise.  So if you are struggling to find a wedding cake topper that says you, if you aren’t a princess or you and your husband don’t look like the current plastic dolls with matching hair colors check these out:

I really love the Cake Toppers by Middleburg.  They are folky and rustic, but sweet.   These are just a few of my favorites:

Next up is Star House, which I love because they are very cool, like Indy Rock cool.  And they are completely customizable.  You can get people, your pets and animals.  Here are a couple examples:

I also really like these little birdies from Cotton Bird Designs:

If you are into vintage then you might like amadalebel, who has some quirky over the top things, and some neat very vintage items:

Another winner for having modern, completely customizable selections is Red Light Studio, I think they have some of the best figures I have seen:

So hopefully this gives you some options for something that says you, and isn’t generic or without style.  Some are things I would love to put up on a shelf afterwards, especially something by Star House.

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