The Welsh Garden

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The Welsh Garden

As my obsession with lavender continues I continue to seek out the best lavender products of all types.  While perusing the Palisades Market one day I came upon a booth with a myriad of lavender products.  Lavender for cooking, lavender tea, lavender cookies, lavender skin soother, lavender cleaning and laundry products.

I was delighted to find out the source of all these goodies is the Welsh Garden in Warrenton Virginia.

A sustainable lavender farm.  I am big on supporting local small business and micro-enterprise and I am thrilled to get my lavender fix from Virginia and nearby Virginia too.  They are at the Thursday White House Market, Saturday Silver Spring Market and Sunday Palisades Market.  They have an online Order Form for their products here, but now they have one up-ed themselves by opening a store in the main hall of Union Station, so go check them out and you can sample their products too.

I particularly like the lavender shortbread cookies, which are great tea dunking cookies.

Photos courtesy of their website.

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  1. Sue

    I had the opportunity to visit the Union Station booth in WA. D.C. last week! Found it delightful with a good array of their products. Also, was able to pickup a recipe card for “CRANBERRY CITRUS SCONES, WITH LAVENDAR”. Anxious to try this one out, since I love scones!
    Enjoyed your notebook!
    Have a great rest of the year!
    Apopka, FL

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