Wedding Wedneseday: Adam and Rita

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Wedding Wedneseday: Adam and Rita

Long time no post, I know.  Sorry Peeps!  But I have had a plethora of weddings and trials at work that have kept me busy. You are getting this Wedding Wednesday on a Thursday because I was just exhausted last night.

Luckily for you all these trips have given me all sorts of inspiration.

Last weekend was Adam and Rita, my brother and sister in law’s wedding in beautiful Garrett County, Maryland.  It was really a lovely wedding, and everything they wanted.  The weather held up nicely, too, always a bit of a question this time of year in Garrett County.

The venue was Chanteclaire Farm in Friendsville, Maryland.  This is a lovely farm that has been remodeled to fit all the needs you have for a special occasion.  The food was fantastic thanks to Christiana and Fred Bergheim and their great skill with French cooking and baking.  There are real bathrooms, they have a new hardwood floor for the barn, so no tripping or having to watch your step.  The barn is beautifully decorated.  There are nice outside spots for pictures.  And there are other small buildings for getting ready.  A few pictures below:

My only qualm is that I wish the walkway to the ceremony location was dug out and the stones cemented in to make it a little easier to walk down, but that is a minor quibble.

Another highlight was Karlo Gesner’s photography, site here.  Karlo took amazing pictures that really captured the essence and personality of my Brother and Sister, without being intrusive.  I have seen a lot of wedding photos, but these really had an amazing artistic quality to them and were much better than many I have seen. My brother and sister had a vintage themed wedding and the pictures had an amazing vintage quality to them while still being crisp and fresh.

I would highly recommend Karlo.  Check out his gallery on his site, I will post a couple pictures he took of Adam and Rita when I get them, with their permission.  And by the time the reception was taking place he had edited the best photos and had them up on his iMac so that guests could view them which was really neat.  There are a lot of photographers that can capture great photos, but I think some wedding photographers such as Karlo and Dominique Attaway (who took my pictures) can really capture so much more in a photo and it is worth seeking those people out, as their prices are really the same.  And when you are paying that much for a wedding package, you really should get the best.

Next week something that seems to be a problem- good wedding cake toppers.

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