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I am the Stig.


Here is my tip:

Top Gear– watch it.

Top Gear is a British TV show devoted to cars, yes, cars.  I know that sounds just positively boring, but it isn’t.  In fact it is a really witty, fun television show that will not only help you pick out your next car (or the fantasy super car of your dreams), but will give you conversation with men, or if you are a man it will give you and the girl of your dreams something to watch together.

Girls, any guy worth his weight in chocolate will know Top Gear and appreciate your enthusiasm.  And if a nice gentlemen you know doesn’t know Top Gear, but checks it out on your recommendation you will instantly become much cooler in his eyes.

But the thing is—- you will enjoy this show, REALLY.  And yes, there is going to be an American version, and it will of course, suck, so you have to watch the original.  Top Gear is a great conversation starter and I always think it is nice to have a topic that you can talk to most anyone about, Top Gear is that.

The genius of the show is that it is a car show with fun spiffs, like their journey across Africa in non-four wheel drive cars (not on roads of course).  They have a new star each show that drives their test track in a reasonably priced (read normal, rather cheap) car and competes for the best board times, Jay Kay was the current board leader last time I checked, but Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey did very well too.  They build cars that turn into boats with limited success, and all sorts of silliness. They don’t just sit around talking about cars and driving them, although they do test new cars, they have all sorts or outrageous challenges, and they have such good commentary, even watching them test new cars is a lot of fun, they can drive a $300,000 car and say it is crap.

And the hosts are fantastic.  Jeremy Clarkson is pompous in all the best ways, and believes a hammer is the only tool you ever need.  James May is cautious, nice and more soft spoken, and always gets lost.  Richard Hammond is energetic and enthusiastic, stubborn with a hint of short man complex.

I have to admit Jeremy is my favorite.  But the trio really make the show.  The good news is you can even find old seasons on Netflix instant-que!

More sites:


Fan site that has some episodes:


So test it out watch some clips and enjoy.  And next time some guy makes a car comment you can really one up him with your knowledge.

Oh and Top Gear Australia is ok, but just ok.

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