Penguin Soda Maker

Jun 7, 2010 by

Penguin Soda Maker

So if you don’t know by now I am a little obsessed with all things Penguin.  It started as my sorority mascot, but then as I watched the little guys on TV and in films I loved their quirky personalities.  Then I saw them in person in Australia and the love deepened all that much more, especially after I got to touch a poor little guy after being rescued on the beach, with wounds from an encounter with a shark (don’t worry he made it).

But this Penguin by Soda Stream USA is not being posted for my obsession, but for that of a friend.  My friend Warren loves sparkling water.  And this little guy turns regular water into sparkling water pronto!  He can also make sodas.

The great thing is he does all this without batteries or electricity.  So my friend Warren could even take it on his sailboat.  You can add flavors or juices and you can control the level of fizz.  So on a hot day you could add a twist of lemon or lime without any cutting.

And the reusable glass bottles save you from buying plastic bottle after plastic bottle.  I tend to drink more water if there is a splash of flavor or some fizz, don’t you?

Available at many places like William Sonoma, and etc.  And no, Warren, this isn’t your wedding gift from me, but you should register for it.

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