Wedding Wednesday: For Kelly

May 19, 2010 by

Wedding Wednesday: For Kelly

There is nothing quite like the bond of siblings, I should know I have nine!  Most recently, my sister Kelly got engaged.  She is getting married at the beautiful Christ Church in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Last weekend I got the joy of helping her to find her perfect wedding dress at J. Crew.  It is a simple, but sleek gown that just mirrors her effortless beauty.  The Cecelia (as a note she looks much better in it than the model):

I told her I would send her the link to Lilac Bijoux as they have really neat jewelry, but their online selections were lacking in choices appropriate for a wedding dress.  Thank goodness for some of my favorite Etsy shops that I can give as a back-up!!!

So to follow are some inspirations I had- and as a note to Kelly who actually reads my blog, don’t feel like you need to like any of these, but check out the shops they have some really neat things.

Kelly has a beautiful tan complection and dark hair, and that made me think of one of three color combinations: 1) bright and fun accessories 2. golden hues to celebrate the Golden August of her wedding month or 3. aqua colors that she seemed to gravitate to when shopping.

On the colorful theme Whichgoose had this beautiful Artic Roses Teal clip set.  I adore all of Whichgooses sight and it helps that she is from Frederick, MD.  If you ever want neat floral or nature hairpieces, shoes or clips try her sight first.

Some fun earrings and a necklace from Joojooland.

And a bracelet from Jenny Trinh. (I would add one Peruvian turquoise bead right beside the pearl, and I am sure Jenny would add it for you too)

For the golden theme, this bridal hair comb caught my eye.

These golden earrings by Persimmon Tree, who has fantstic things in other colors, as well.

Or these golden earrings by Erica Leilani Designs.

And this simple, but elegant necklace from one of my very favorite Etsy jewelers, Made by Sam.

(Customizable… so is the item below.  You can change the stone color, metal color and initial) And matching bracelet.

Or go for a set and get the matching earrings too.

And lastly the aqua color.

These earrings from Erica Leilani Designs really caught my eye. And below are two bracelets that might pair well from the same designer.

This baby belle necklace from JooJooland.

And this hairclip to tie it all together by chicallure.

So even if you don’t love these combinations for your look definitely check out the above sites for nice jewelry and accessories.  I have found those stores to be reputable, with good quality jewelry and good customer service and ability to customize orders.

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