Hiedelberg Pastry Shoppe- Long Live the Wurst

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Hiedelberg Pastry Shoppe- Long Live the Wurst

They other day while running errands with the Pup and Hubby, stomachs began to growl.  It was a beautiful day so we decided to head to Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe.  When the weather is decent, and sometimes even when it is not, they are out grilling wursts.

I got a beautiful knauckwurst- a little spice, but a lot like a big flavorful hotdog, on a homemade bun.   What I love is if you are unfamiliar with the taste of their wursts they will give you samples to help you decide.

We split some sides of homemade German potato salad (a mix of skin on potatoes, caramelized onions, vinegar and spices served warm), pretzel and apple strudel.  This was a huge meal even when you split the sides.  But everything is prepared with care and baked fresh.

They have picnic tables over on the grass some with umbrellas, so you can sit outdoors enjoy company with fellow diners and enjoy the splendor of nice weather in Virginia.  Max got to run around in the grass and sniff for sausage, of which he found none, a big disappointment I am sure.  We got some time in the sun and very good food.

The shop itself has pastries, breads and deli.  Whenever someone asks where to find some sort of baked good, I always end up seeing it at Heidelberg.  Their Black Forest Bread is exceptional for sandwich making.  And while their pastries are not as artistic as Patisseries by Randolph, I have found that they have a great variety of the German favorites my Amish Nanny used to make me.

And to top it off, with my hands full with drinks and Max, they carried my lunch to the table for me.

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