Bringing Gold Back

Jan 19, 2010 by

Bringing Gold Back

In this time where everyone (or just Fox News) is telling old people to buy gold, and telling everyone else to sell their gold, gold has become passe.  Which is a real shame because gold is a fabulous statement.  Gold is classic, like Coco Channel, if you pick the right pieces it will look amazing forever.  Anyone who doesn’t like gold just has never owned the right piece of gold.

But let’s face it when it comes to dining you just can’t afford the gold or sterling silverware that used to be customary in yesteryear, and it is so pricey you feel bad even putting it on a registry.  But with many of the beautiful china styles, with amazing colors and warm hues out there you really do need a classy set of gold settings.

The solution: Seletti Midas Cutlery.

Normally available on or, it is all sold out right now because it is fabulous, but don’t despair  because The Conran Shop Online has a full 24 piece set for $225.00.

This is gold plated steel cutlery with a matte finish.  Allowing it to blend with modern and classic china sets.  I think it would even look particularly stunning with mixed plates or plain white casual china, as well.  And it comes nicely packed in a china box, small enough to actually fit in all those places you would want to store your china.  I am really quite smitten with this set of silverware, actually less smitten more absolutely covetous.  So get it while it isn’t sold out.  And if you are looking for a nice wedding present for those brides out there who aren’t registering (ahem bad idea) I think this would make a really nice present that any modern couple would find quite pleasing.

*Sigh* If only I had seen this BEFORE Christmas.

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  1. Suzanne

    As one of those brides who plans to register, (ahem) I appreciate your suggestion. I think they’re lovely as well 🙂

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