Wedding Wenesday- It all begins with a ring.

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Wedding Wenesday- It all begins with a ring.

I should have news soon, as in tomorrow, on the job front yay!  But all this has been such an ordeal.  So here is to more fun and pretty things!

I love to check out engagement rings.  I check out my friends’ rings, that girl on the metro next to me, that woman shopping in Neiman Marcus with the to die for bag, all of them.  And there are some really pretty rings out there.  For me though there are only two kinds: simple and elegant or detailed and antique looking in design.  I have a beautiful Tacori ring that is really detailed and very classic and I love it.  But I caught sight of these rings and decided in a different life if I were going to go with simple and elegant the rings from Everlon are what I would choose.  They don’t have their own website, but are available from many retailers, including JR Dunn who has a very handy online website here.

everlon2I have always really liked the look of knots.  That nautical knot jewelry is just so neat looking.  I am fascinated by braids essentially hair knots of different varieties.  Knots of all kinds just are really beautiful to me (unless I have to get them out of course).  These knots are so simple looking but just the smooth medal against a beautiful diamond just really highlights both elements.  So guys if you have a gal that is the simple, but elegant type I think this will be a real winner. They are very reasonable for engagement rings- a 14kt white gold with 3/4 carat diamond is $2990.00.  So long as your gal doesn’t want something huge 3/4 carat is a really nice size. (Another view)


AND as a deal sweetener  There will be ample ideas for engagement gifts as they have matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Some of my favorites are below.


I love this diamond necklace- it would look beautiful alone or with just plain brilliant (round) diamond earrings, which many girls own.  It could be worn on a chain or with a nice omega, which is a thicker gold necklace that has a bolder look.  I really like reversible omegas one side being white gold one side being yellow gold so it is really versatile.



Both of these earrings are really nice for a girl who doesn’t have diamond earrings.  They are so simple they would match nicely with other diamond jewelry that she may acquire over the years. I personally don’t like drop earrings as much as ones that are closer to the ear so I prefer the bottom pair, but both really are nice.


I have wanted a white gold diamond bracelet now for a while, but I will be waiting as they are a pretty penny and my dear Hubby just bought me a stunning engagement ring and wedding band that is just as beautiful and detailed.  There was one bracelet I saw in a cute little jewelry store that I love in St. Micheals that was similar to this one that I just loved.  So maybe ten or twenty years from now this beauty will come my way.

Last, but not least is a stunning ring for the right hand it has both white gold and yellow gold.  I really like this idea because I have a really nice watch that is two tone, and some really nice gold jewelry in yellow gold so it kind of brings it all together in a matchey matchey way.


So if fancy and detailed isn’t your thing check out Everlon.  I was really impressed with the style and design of their products.  It has a real wow factor to it, without all the bells and whistles of some rings.

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  1. these pierces are simple yet so stunning and elegant!i love it!my goodness! i should start saving for these precious gems! i bought a very interesting jewelry from everlon everlon
    and i am taking care of it. promise!it’s worth the strict spending i have implemented for myself!

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