Wedding Wednesday- Because Sometimes You Need A Hat

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Wedding Wednesday- Because Sometimes You Need A Hat

I have always been one of those lucky women who can wear a hat, almost any hat really.  And there is something grand about a hat.  It hearkens back to an era of civility.  It dares to go where few women these days tread.  But with the recent resurgence of the head band with large fascinators I dare to say hats will be coming back.

Recently my Mother traveled through Ireland and she found Kathleen McAuliffe a woman who makes extraordinary hats.  When she saw these hats she immediately thought of my friend who is going to have the most beautiful wedding this summer and who has really fun style.  So I wanted to pass along the fun for any bride or wedding party that dares to be a little more eclectic in a really beautiful classy way.  They are pricey, but absolutely beautiful and really top quality, as they are hand made and have been featured worldwide.  Below are some of my favorites:


Perfect for accompanying a cute simple bridesmaid dress.


Black used to be a no-no at weddings, but nowadays anything goes, and ooh wouldn’t this go so well at a formal outdoor wedding?  I can just see it looking so beautiful and demur for a wedding set on a beautiful stone patio.


For the bride who doesn’t want a gigantic bird, but a gorgeous loopdy loop instead.  This would be to die for with a simple form fitting dress.


Now this to me is a show stopper, and it would photograph so well.

jane austen

The perfect Mother of the Bride hat.  It won’t be prettier than the bride, but it will grab the appropriate amount of attention the Mother of the Bride deserves, plus I think it has a bit of authority to it.


Now if you go to a wedding and someone is wearing this, you just know you are going to have a good time.  It is called Kate and it is just longing to come home and reside with this Kate.

new wild alice 2

This hat is just so cute.  And wearable to so many things.  And wouldn’t it just pair so well with a formal tux?

Now Ms. McAuliffe makes more casual hate too, and while I love her show stoppers above, her casual hats are really exquisite and much more affordable.  This one below looks like the perfect honeymoon getaway hat to me.


Of course you don’t need a wedding to own one of these, they would be perfect for a derby, a cocktail party or for a really cute night out.  I am so glad my Mother found this place, and it is such good timing because I am telling you- hats will be back.

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  1. Suzanne

    I love the white flower headband! Thanks for finding it. I didn’t see it on her website though. Where did you get the picture? I”m glad to hear hats are coming back–I used to love hats for dress ups when I was a little girl 🙂

  2. Kate

    It is under online shop, in the cocktail section on one of the back 2-3 pages.

  3. Hi,had to comment.Ihad a couple of months in Uk and Ireland in May when I retired from Saks 5th.Loved the fascinators and cocktail hats there so my daughter and I,(she is a hairstylist and art major) started making fascinators and cocktail hats. Called Treats for Tresses. We come up from Charleston SC once a month and almost sell out at the Eastern Market.So far Oribe (Vogue) Army wives TV show, have purchased our hats and have been featured in Washington Blog and Charleston Fashionista! So we are pleased!!!!
    We keep our prices low so everyone can afford them and try to do something different everytime.This week at the market it was velvet bases with feather birds and tiny cocktail hats with flowers from Christian Dior 60s vintage.
    Always use vintage, recycled and vintage jewellery plus a little imported millinery supplies.
    Our styles are a little edgy but wearable.The three sisters are all fashion foward so plenty of critics and must say we have perfected the art. Secret is total attention to detail and using good product. Come and see us for dates
    Marilyn and Tamsyn Rickards. Holly Rickards Dc Rep

  4. I love the blonde model’s expression– “Yeeees, I’m wearing a /hat/ and that, among many other things, makes me better than yooou.”


  5. Kate

    Wearing a hat well does make you better, in my personal opinion. But then they will come back into style and it won’t mean anything- like Audrey Hepburn style it used to be so cool then it became cool… not cool.

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