Wedding Wednesday- Planning on the go.

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Wedding Wednesday- Planning on the go.

So this was supposed to publish last Wednesday but for some reason it didn’t sorry for the delay!

Planning a wedding is hectic.  There is no getting around that.   It seems like every weekend is just filled with making sure this thing happens.  So being able to plan on the go is pretty handy.

I am not huge on the iphone apps.  I tend to download them, then not use them or forget about them.  BUT I do approve Wedding Wire’s iphone app.  Had it been out while I was planning our wedding I would have used it.  Luckily for us there weren’t many vendors to manage, but knowing what a good friend went through dealing with so many vendors I know you can use some major help and advice.  We also had the benefit of the Greenbrier sending us a sample budget through excel that we could edit and use, and I know that is not the norm.


Wedding Wire itself not only has vendor ratings, but many useful planning tools like managing budgets, timelines, guests and vendors.  We used it for our very complicated seating chart.  I think a detailed and easy to use budget application itself is really nice and beats creating your own on excel.

Their iphone app let’s you follow your checklist and complete items on the go- for those who don’t have an account the checklists are very detailed and divided into categories, so it is well organized and easy to use.  You can also manage your budget and check out vendors through the i phone application so if you are meeting with vendors or making last minute decisions all the major information you need is right there.

And if you have a high tech Husband this will help him stay involved and on track because he can follow everything on his iphone or computer.   Wedding Wire is so useful, if I was doing it all over again I would have used it from the very beginning to manage more of our wedding.  After checking out a few of the other wedding planning sites, this one is by far the best and now it is even better.

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