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I thought with all this advice on long weekend traveling you might need some great weekend getaway travel accessories.

By coincidence today and tomorrow One Kings Lane is featuring Saltbox.  One King’s Lane is a site that features designer home goods at a discount.  It is an members only site, but membership is free, so sign up here.

But even without an invite to One Kings Lane you can get the really neat products of Saltbox at Pop’s online store.  To view all their collection you can also check out their site here, which I prefer over Pop for viewing styles and colors.  I love their striking prints, that are modern and colorful, but also not too busy.

My travel essentials normally include a large weekend bag that is squishable.  That means if the overhead bin is full it can get shoved under the seat, it also means that coat check at Bloomingdales in New York will hold my bag while I shop, even better it means I can fit in those extra goodies I bring home for my friends.  I like the bright yellow collection best as it would be glamorous but not too beachy so it would travel with me to New York, Philly, Miami or Phoenix and not look out of place.  This bag fits the bill perfectly as a weekend bag:


I really like that it has an outside zippered pocket perfect for magazines or other quick grab items (like the hotel confirmation).

On a weekend getaway I also absolutely have to have a large purse that can fit everything that I or Hubby might pick up.  Realistically for it to work for me there has to have room for sunglasses, cameras, flip-flops, wallet, change purse, souvenirs I buy along the way, a water bottle and maybe even a beach towel.  My purses endure sandy beaches, state parks and floors everywhere so they need to be big and tough.    A purse like this with a reinforced bottom will take a lot of abuse and a style that is somewhat collapsible means when everything isn’t in my purse it isn’t huge, but it will hold all those things I require.  I also like that the strap isn’t sewn on to the purse so it cannot come unattached due to poor or abused stitching.  Although this purse comes in  the yellow I love so much I am featuring the sherbet basket weave color here because I think it really compliments the leather/leatherite accents well:


You can clip the center and it will have a smaller rounder appearance or use it more market bag style.

Next for the trips I know I will be coming home with goodies I often also take a tote bag.  I can easily shove it empty into one of my other bags, and use it latter.  Saltbox’s tote bags would nicely carry a couple bottles of wine, wrapped up by the local winery I am at for a day.  It also perfectly held all those notes and folders I had for wedding planning (even holds a clip board) or that conference I went to (nicely held the spa brochure for the conference center’s spa too), it also fits that pair of running shoes or stilettos that just don’t quite fit in my overnight bag for a longer trip.  The picture below is of the tiki basket weave print which is another very good all around color:


If you want something that has zippers and closes for this type of function, check out their carry all, which for me would also make a cute briefcase or day to day purse, as well (featured in black and white to show off how easily you could use it at home day to day):


Now come all the accessories I need to keep my big bags organized.  You have the cosmetic bag for lip gloss, wipes or even your toiletries if you pack light (line it with a plastic bag so you can easily pull it out of your checked luggage through security in a required clear plastic bag).  Sometimes I pack two of different prints and I store my camera and video camera in them.  This one is marine colored.


They also have wallets in two sizes.  The travel wallet will fit a passport, while the day to day wallet is slimmer but still holds a good amount of stuff.  They have a separate place for coins, which I like if I am going somewhere with a different currency that uses a lot of coins.


The pencil bag is perfect for fitting sunglasses (in case we forget our case), our currency if two currencies so they don’t get mixed up, or umm pens (which I don’t like just in my purse because I have had one break and ruin a purse).  It would also be good for cosmetic brushes, and non liquid toiletries.


Then of course you need a couple luggage tags for these bags, and I love to match.  I also think these bright colored tags would be great on a piece of black luggage to stand out from the crowd.  I have a big black garment bag so I always like something to differentiate it.


Last but not least I always have a business card holder because I never know who I might meet that might need a little assistance in some way or another.  And being stylish never hurts one win business.


So travel in style, with function and form.  With a little help from Saltbox and Katelin Taylor (don’t worry I won’t tell).

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