Wedding Wednesday: Honey, can we paint the house to match my plates?

Aug 12, 2009 by

Wedding Wednesday: Honey, can we paint the house to match my plates?

So I am covetting this set of china that I saw at Bloomingdales.


It is the Flora pattern by Villeroy and Bach.  My favorite are the pink plates below.

The major problem though is that they do not match with the decor of my current house.  (Well the blue would, but I love the pink)  Well Hubby would also  claim that the other problem is that I just got new china and I have rather recent new casual dinnerware and I just put in all the cabinets we can and it now just fits all my current china, as well, details, details.  But if these match your house please register for them or buy them and take good care of them and then pass them on to me, ok? (Ahem, I know of a few certain brides who NEED to register, at least for china)


What makes them so appealing is that they look very similar to the rhododendron china that is used at the Greenbrier which is just stunning china.  They have stood the test of time there looking so classic.  The rhododendron china was used at my wedding, and is used during regular tea and dinner service their and just looks amazing.  They would be perfect for my Aunt who has beautiful pinks and greens in her home and her dining room.

They are on sale, as well.  So girls that need china and have a beautiful classic apartment or house, really think about these, yes they are bold colors, but Dorthy Draper never feared color and look how great her creations turned out.

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  1. Matt B.

    I think they could match the larger issue is that we don’t have any place to put them 🙂

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