A more practical nip/tuck.

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A more practical nip/tuck.

As editing your body isn’t something I recommend, why not go for a practical nip-tuck?  One that will make your clothes fit your body better thereby making you more attractive.

Any really well dressed woman will tell you that the key is picking out timeless pieces that look really good on you.  What she won’t tell you is that after she bought that piece of clothing before it was worn it was edited by her tailor.

Now maybe it was just hemmed, or the shoulders or waist just taken up a bit, or a few darts were put in, but these small details make quite a bit of difference in the appearance of a garment on the body.  I like vintage clothes, I like stealing clothes from my Mother and Aunt in general, but these often need edits to fit my body shape which is quite a bit different that the original wearers- again and again there are reasons for which you find yourself in need of a good tailor.  Well here they are Reeds Custom Tailors:


Located on Lee Highway before the Harris Shopping Center (in the same strip as very good briyani chicken and Carribean Grill).  This little shop does really good work.


They do alterations and custom work.  They do fur repairs, as well.  And all work is done on sight by the tailors.  I had a vintage bathing suit altered last summer, this spring it was dresses galore.  They have altered suits for me, jackets, really anything I wear.  If it isn’t done just to your liking they will re-do it, as customer satisfaction is their top priority.

What I also like about Reeds is that they lend an eye when needed and will make suggestions on how to fix something, or how not to change something that they don’t think will turn out well.  I appreciate their honesty and eye for how fabric will respond to proposed alterations.  Turn around is normally a week, two if they are really busy.  You have to keep your ticket or they can get a bit grumpy searching for your clothes…( Just put it in your wallet ok?)

The best part about using Reeds is that it is really affordable.  Taking in the sides and sleeves of a jacket is around $35 and their other prices are equally reasonable.  That makes it more affordable to get items reworked than to buy something new.  And if you click this link you can get coupons for additional off.  (Me I get the regulars discount, but they do see me every couple months)

I highly reccomend finding a good tailor and forming a relationship with them as tailoring can mean the difference between looking really polished and looking well just ok.  Also Reeds does mens tailoring, as well, they have done a very good job on some of Hubby’s clothes fyi.

So if you want to really make your body look pleasing without a lot of pain or money then just find a good tailor and take their advice on alterations or custom work.  It’s a win-win.

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