A photo might be worth a good bit, but a good photographer is worth more.

Jul 8, 2009 by

I wanted to feature my wedding photographer this Wedding Wednesday.  Her name is Dominique Attaway.  She did a fantastic job at our wedding and my portrait.  She has a real eye for light and is very down to earth. Although she resides in Charlottesville she is willing to travel and does weddings in the DC/NOVA area and in other areas.  She travelled a good two hours to make it to our wedding.

You can find her blog here.  She really worked with us so well and quickly could get really good photographs of hubby, friends, family and I.  I was delighted to see pictures of people laughing and smiling at our wedding.  You scrolled through the pictures and could just see the joy.  Her rates are very reasonable and I really think she has a way of matching your photographs towards your wedding.  We had a very formal wedding and the pictures really matched the theme well.  But if you look at her more casual weddings they also look so appropriate.  I have worked with a couple professional photgraphers and found that she photographed me better than many people could, so I was really happy.  She also has a list of other photographers she recommends in other areas.  Her portraits and photos of children and families are also great so if you can get down to Charlottesville, or need a great wedding photographer at a good price definitely investigate her site and blog.

I am not featuring any of her work here, as her sites really showcase it best.

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