Beer and Ballet

May 5, 2009 by

Beer and Ballet

I have been a little lax this week, minions.  But I have a wedding in two weeks, I think I get a little slack… no?  Well then fine here you go.

If there is one thing in this world I wanted to be when I was little it was a Prima Ballerina.  If you ever see any of my dance pictures you will see lots of giggling little girls messing up their steps, and me not smiling- I took it seriously, very seriously.  I knew the steps and I really hated those girls who didn’t.  I did ballet for about 10 years until I realized I would never grow to the height that would allow me to be a serious dancer.  It just wasn’t going to happen.  I was petite, I am petite, my pediatrician called it within months of my birth.

But I have a deep love for all things ballet related still.  Generally Fiance isn’t quite thrilled with this obsession.  Ballet isn’t quite his thing.  He indulges me in going to see the Nutcracker at Christmas.  But I think he and other men might be all on top of this.  The last Beer and Ballet by the Washington Ballet (hopefully it will come back) tomorrow.


Get a sneak peek of TWB’s upcoming production, pastFORWARD, at this exclusive rehearsal. Then grab a beer (or three) and mingle with friends and dancers…
This is not your average happy hour.


May 13-17, 2009
The Harman Center’s Sidney Harman Hall
featuring Balanchine’s Rubies, Edwaard Liang’s world-premiere, Wunderland and Septime Webre’s Juanita y Alicia, set to live Cuban music!

So girls fool them while you can, it’s beer yes, but it is also ballet.  Between this and the Nutcracker you could get two ballets.

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  1. TWO ballets? Two WHOLE ballets? Good heavens, I must start my scheming. I hope they serve Blue Moon, so that I can lure my dear husband along…

  2. Kate

    They don’t show two whole ballets, they show one whole ballet, so for a whole year you can get two ballet visits from one man. I think that is really the limit for most men.

  3. emily

    i must say, this is damn brilliant in the scheme of how to market to savvy women and the men they love.

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