Wedding Wednesday- They put the blush in blushing bride.

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Wedding Wednesday- They put the blush in blushing bride.

This Wedding Wednesday I am exhausted, absolutely exhausted…

Wedding portraits last weekend, this weekend is an endless list of things to finish so this week Wedding Wednesday is going to be short and sweet:


You have a couple choices airbrushed make-up, having a salon or spa do your make-up, get it done at a cosmetic counter or do it yourself.

Air brushed make-up:

If you are going to do this make sure you get it done by someone with a good reputation.


In the DC area I suggest Rodney Pinion at Andre Chreky.  Pinion uses an airbrushing gun to gently spray tiny droplets of color onto your face. The results are very natural: Even those with a fear of foundation will love it. You can get base, blush, eyeshadow, and even brow tints, all of which last for ages, go on remarkably evenly, are hypoallergenic, and won’t clog pores.  The bonus is it photographs really well because of the even matte finish.

Having it done at a Salon or Spa:

I am not very good with make-up.  I don’t normally wear it and putting it on scares me a little.  So I trust the professionals.  Again reputation is key.  Not only should they have good make-up, but a good knowledge of what will photograph well.  Sparkly powder or eyeshadow with sheen does not photograph well.  I recommend splurging on this a little more than you regularly would.  Find someone who does this often, who has good credentials and does this often.  People that work often with people being photographed really helps.  I recommend when you do your make-up test to do some photographs, and really scrutinize the look.

Having it done by a cosmetic counter:

I really don’t recommend this unless you can test the results.  Although, I had a great experience last weekend at the Bobbi Brown counter at Belk in Charlottesville.  I didn’t have a salon to do my make-up for my wedding portrait because it was in Charlottesville, not the Greenbrier and I didn’t drive down from the city.  Luckily I found someone really experienced.  If you go this route, you want the make-up woman who is older and has worked there forever, not the young thing, but their make-up should look good. They will have done a lot of make-up, they will know the product and have a good eye.

Also choose the brand carefully.  You should probably go with what you normally use, but consider your look.  I find Bobbi Brown to be very natural.  They don’t have a lot of bright colors and that would look odd on me, who never wear make-up.  Really I think natural brides look best.  so unless you really want a “look” you might consider going that route.  Certainly don’t switch to a brand you have never used.  Many people are allergic to cosmetics.  Mom is allergic to blue eyeliner from Lancome, I am allergic to a lot of Clinique products.  But I think looking at the make-up and testing the products you will find something you can use.  this bonus is so you can learn how to apply it and use it for the honeymoon.

Make sure to ask if they have any sample products like these online that you get for free with an order:



Do it yourself:

Don’t… just don’t.  Unless you are getting married out in the middle of nowhere.  If you do go get your colors done and buy the products they recommend that you don’t have, especially correctors and concealers.  Practice, practice, practice.  But really you are going to be so stressed out, do you really want that added pressure?

So think about it, test it out and find what works for you.

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