The Snack Set

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The Snack Set

Have any of you ever heard of a snack set?  If you are about my age you probably haven’t, so let me introduce you.

Girls this is snack set:


Snack set meet the girls.

I recently happened upon snack sets at my wedding shower.  The person throwing my shower was having a tea, and borrowed glass snack sets from her church for the event.  I also then noticed that my MIL to be in 17 days had snack sets in her glass cupboard.

Snack sets are small serving plates, a little bit bigger than a dessert plate, not as big as a dinner plate, with either an indentation for a cup to rest, like the snack set above, or a walled off section for a cup to sit.  This completely solves the problem of carrying a drink and plate, and not being able to snack on either.

I think a snack set would be perfect for a cocktail party where you are serving hor d’oeuvres, a tea with sandwiches and cookies or even to start a dinner party before the food is served.

The one hang up is that most drinks you serve at a cocktail party are not meant to be served in a tea cup.  The solution would be to find some stemless glasses that would sit in the indentation or walled off part of the snack set.


This picture shows you a good view of one that has dividers.  I think a stemless glass would sit in there.  This set also comes with a small serving bowl for fruit, trifle, pudding or even a small salad.

Some other snack sets I thought were super cute:


This one from Replacements,  I know normally this site is to replace broken items, but you can order multiples and make yourself a full set.


This china one with gold rim from Granny’s Treasure Box.


This blue one from


And this vintage milk glass from Robin’s Nest.

They have all sorts of patterns in glass and china, you can even get high end Fenton art glass snack sets, or Federal snack sets.

Once my new china cabinet is built, and I have a home for a snack set, I will be acquiring one, with some stemless glasses.

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