Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms- Phoenix

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Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms- Phoenix

So this is not in honor of DC spa week, but is still a spa.  This week Arlington, we are going to Phoenix!  Why Phoenix you ask?  You doubt me I know you do, but readers here is the logic:

Yes right now it is sunny and warm and delectable, you obviously don’t remember last week, but give yourself about 7 months and then you will start needing to get-away to somewhere with a mild climate, food you can’t get in DC, plush romantic rooms and a spa.  You forget that now while it isn’t humid and while the temperature is perfect, but you will remember.  Also for many of you Spring Break or Passover just ended and you will be thinking about where to book that trip for next year.  Here is where the Royal Palms in Phoenix fits perfectly.

See readers.


Not all rooms come with a skinny, tan lady rubbing herself, but hey, it’s still worth it right?  Stupid PDF files make pictures more work than they are worth.

This spa is up there, I would rate it currently at number two.  Maybe in time after a few more visits it might move up, but I am telling you peeps that Nemacolin Woodlands Spa has got it going in.

The Royal Palms is in itself a relaxation process.  It is a small resort nestled at the foot of Camelback mountain, right near the gaudy huge Phoenician, a few miles away from the lovely, but not near as nice Biltmore.

The Royal Palm is tucked in away off the road you pull up and are delighted with how adorable this little place is.  Then you go to your luxurious room, even the rather basic rooms are wonderful here and you just melt.  More about Phoenix vacation tips in another post soon readers, so hold on!

Outside the area where the spa is you can smell the eucalyptus in the air, and the smell itself lures you to the spa.  You can use the steam, room, sauna and relaxation rooms at any time during your stay.  The staff is happy to assist you with a robe and sandals to do this.  I especially recommend this after a work out.  They have just relaxing places to sit by the fire and read or zone out or, ok let’s be honest here, nap.  Oooh the napping.  They will serve you water or hot tea while you relax and make sure it is readily available.


The Avadora spa has a host of services.  I got the Signore’s Eucalyptus Body Scrub.  This was one of the best scrubs.  The scent was invigorating, the technique qas great.  The scrub itself not too oily, but oily enough that the application was soothing.  Also on nice days they open the shutters and you can hear the birds and get fresh air, it is just lovely.   After the scrub they lead you to an outdoor shower outside on the terrace, if you open the spa brochure it was the blue room the far door on the left goes to the shower.  The shower has great water pressure and is really warm, in case you go when it is a little chilly.  You can take your time and have a long leisurely shower.  Then you have your lotion application.  You smell so good after this treatment you will sniff yourself.

The massages are very nice.  I had a hot stone massage.  The sound of the birds, the rocks, the scent of eucalyptus all made for a really relaxing treatment.  The therapist was extremely nice, very personable and charming.  She really made the experience.

Also if you don’t open the spa brochure for anything else, open it to see the pedicure station.  Oh the pedicure.  You sit on this bench with your feet in a warm copper bath.  They really care for your nails and cuticles, they ask if you want them pushed or trimmed, and make it a relaxing experience.  This was one spa pedicure that was worth a little extra dough from your regular place.

At the Royal Palm they are all about romance.  The couple’s experiences are really nice.  I also like the fact that you can get massages with a view, in your room, in a treatment room, pretty much wherever you request.  Since it is a small place they are really accommodating.

But readers the best thing is they are open until 8:00 p.m.  Readers, when you are in Phoenix you will want to be active, for sure the biggest perks are the scenery and athletic pursuits, but how nice to come back from a hike and head to the spa for a rub down and steam.  I love that you can do evening spa appointments, I think that is genius!  Think about it massage then going to bed in a big fluffy bed.

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