In honor of spa week: Lansdowne Spa Minerale

Apr 15, 2009 by

In honor of spa week: Lansdowne Spa Minerale

I visited Lansdowne Spa Minerale, and it really tries to be Nemacolin Woodlands Spa.  It REALLY tries.


It looks pretty on the website.  They have a steam room, sauna, whirlpool.  They have the nice locker room, relaxing rooms.  They have the flavored water.  But something about this place is just a little off.

The steam room was nicely hot and steamy.  The sauna appropriately warm; however, the spa isn’t too large so in the off season there is no one there, and in season there are too many people there, and the rooms aren’t very large.  So you are ok in off season, if you like to be in a silent spa.

The relaxation rooms were nicely appointed with magazines and tea, but it just wasn’t quite comfortable.  The fabric choosen just isn’t very soft, and I found the color scheme to be just trying to hard and not relaxing.

I had a scrub and a massage.  For the scrub they put you on this big plastic table so they can run the shower nozels over you during the scrub.  The table itself was not very comfortable.  The scrub used was very oily.  The technique was good, much like a swedish massage.  But then they would shower you and you would freeze on that table.  There is nothing I find that makes you colder than damp skin.  Also the room was not dark enough to relax in.  This service was really just someone exfoliating you.  It wasn’t a relaxing treatment.  I can say with certainty this is the worst scrub experience I have ever had.

The Massage:  I had a deep tissue massage after a rough day of tennis the day before, and just generally a stressful life.  There was good pressure, but I left with knots still in my shoulders.  Also unlike yesterdays spa they just don’t pay a lot of attention to personal relaxation.  There was no attention to heat or to personal comfort.

I think the spa itself could learn a lot had they sat through many of their own treatments.  It was obvious they had not.  And many of the staff were professional but not personable.  For a spa trying to compete with the other big name resort spa’s in the area, it didn’t live up to any expectations.  For a spa experience go elsewhere.

I will admit their pedicure rooms looked very nice, so skip on the massage and scrub, but if you are there and are tired of golf or tennis, perhaps get a pedicure.


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